ISS specializes in custom corporate software for clients in the south Florida area. Originally customers were Wang Basic-2 users. Currently using KCML by Kerridge Computer Company, Ltd. (distributed by MidWare Technologies, Inc.) and NPL by Niakwa, Inc., ISS offers platform independent software for its clients. Custom development is done in the fourth generation data base management system FourD created by Northwest Source Group, Inc. (NSG). FourD is the replacement upgrade for the widely used Speed I from TOM Software. Source code is made available to all clients.

Additional information on these products may be obtained from the following:

                  Telephone              Voice Mail
               (954)583-3525           (800)753-4085

                 ----------              ----------

                    Fax                    Mobile
               (954)584-8739           (954)471-9409

                 ----------              ----------

      -------------------------      -------------------------

           Mailing Address:               Shipping Address:
        280 S.W. 75th Terrace           4301 N.W. 35th Avenue
        Plantation, FL 33317            Miami, FL 33142

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