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Software Application Development Utility

With today's highly paid data processing professionals and industry's impatience for new software, production time is the major system development concern. The FourD System Development and Data Base Management Utility and it's predecessor, SPEED have been saving time and cutting costs at allstages of system development-design, coding, debugging, documentation and maintenance - since 1977.




FourD provides a highly generalized design framework that eliminates certain artificial design constraints. Because FourD uses its own DMS, fields can be added to a record or file structures may be changed without effecting overall system design. FourD uses a fast, efficient ISAM based file access method that can read any record very rapidly. Files require no reorganization, space made available by deletions is always reused, and access time does not increase as the file fills or grows. On multiterminal systems, FourD maintains true record and file locking. FourD provides utility programs for input functions, menus, sorts, and output functions. FourD subroutines provide for most custom programming needs.


FourD significantly reduces programming time. Input, Sort, and Output functions can be generated without writing a single line of code. Data access within functions is available at all stages of data handling for easy access to the programmer. A powerful Search capability is automatically available throughout the Utility. Report Queue and Report generators for users is quite powerful.


System debugging time is minimal since most programs consist entirely, or almost entirely of highly generalized, debugged FourD subroutines. User code is often so short and so simple that programs run correctly the first time.




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FourD Works

FourD and it's predecessor SPEED I are proven products. NSG, professional software houses and end users with programming staff have used these utilities to develop and modify thousands of business applications worldwide. FourD has available a full set of standard business accounting applications, including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Fixed Asset and Inventory Management, Order Entry and Payroll. FourD is sold and supported by NSG Value Added Re-sellers worldwide.


FourD has conversion utilities to upgrade users of the SPEED I product line. FourD users can use the Btrieve DMS. In 1996 users can upgrade to the K-ISAM DMS which will be fully ODBC compliant. Data exchange and SQL capability will be supported.

FourD System V Business Management System

Because of its modular structure, the Business Management System adapts to the demands of almost any business operation. From routine daily operations to complex financial reporting, the system provides efficiency, control and reliability. With the General Ledger module as the system's center, a variety of other applications can be added as needed-Order Entry, Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Payable, and Payroll, among others.

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Manufacturing Modules

Manufacturing modules are ideal for:

The Manufacturing system revolves around the workorder batch allowing data to flow to costing, history and accounting.